Our History

Praise Realty Marketing Corp. was incorporated in 1991 as a full service real estate company established specifically to provide superior client driven real estate services. We started out as marketing company catering to the lower income families, offering the more affordable series of house and lots. As we continue to grow along with our clients through the years, we have advanced to cover a now wider array of inventory listings, ranging from the most affordable homes to the more luxurious ones.

Throughout our 26 years of service, Praise Realty Marketing Corp. has earned its good standing from the respect and trust bestowed upon us by the developers we have worked with and the quality of service we provide toward our clients. Our inventory listings, being developed by highly respectable developers include the most affordable homes to the most expensive ones; may it be your retirement home, a home for your loved ones, or simply a piece of investment that will give you high capital gain and rental income.

 Our Vision

Praise Realty Marketing Corp. is a pillar in the real estate industry composed of professional leaders and sales team servicing the housing and investment needs of both the local and international communities with its truly affordable yet quality project inventories, thus, helping the country in nation building. Praise Realty is your One-Stop Real Estate Centre; therefore, we assure you that we have something to offer you based on your investment consideration.

Our Mission

To continuously strive to improve our real estate awareness, in order to unselfishly and keenly respond to the real estate needs of people in the highest degree of service possible

To continuously help in the country’s nation building through the creation of employment opportunities by providing the salespeople with various affordable yet quality inventories

To produce professional salespeople and leaders in the industry through excellent training and interaction among all people within and outside the organization

To stand as a testimony that God’s grace and provision abound to those who follow Him